Jo Tracy


Jo Tracy is a creative drama developer and script editor who has spent the past 25 years nurturing and promoting writers; helping them tell their stories in the most engaging and accessible ways possible across the TV, film and publishing worlds. She has worked with writers on novels, short story collections, independent movies, studio movies and TV singles, series and serials; working in all genres, at all budget levels, on projects at every stage of development from conception to production.  She sits on many a competition judging panel and currently has several TV and film projects in development.

“Jo exudes an innate ability to share her knowledge and experience with warmth, encouragement and honesty.  She does not gild the lily re. the nature of the screenwriting business, at the same time as making it clear how much joy can be found in it.  As a leader of discussion, Jo is able to successfully guide contributions from a group with varied experience and ability making sure everyone is heard, while employing an intelligent kindness to ensure discussion remains pertinent.”

Jac, Screen Writing student