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Lateisha Dobbs

Lateisha Dobbs



Before she began with Talent Match London, Lateisha Dobbs was struggling to find work, but not for lack of effort or enthusiasm. By her own admission a quiet and reserved person, the Talent Match team helped Lateisha to find a more extroverted side and even offered the opportunity to find her voice through a workshop on poetry, something she’d always been interested in and used to express herself.

When they suggested that talent match members created a piece of art to express how they felt about the programme, did you decide on poetry straight away? Did you already have an idea of how it would go?

I didn’t decide on poetry straight away as I’m not really used to writing poems for other people or writing poems that will be showcased, I usually just write for myself. At first I struggled with how to start the poem but after the first few sentences it became a lot easier as I was just writing about something that I really cared about and felt was true.

You talk about the family type bond and sense of companionship at talent match, is that really the feeling there? Could you tell us a bit more about that?

During my search for jobs I’ve received help from different agencies and organisations and I can honestly none of them have helped me like talent match. Talent match was the only organisation that sat me down and really got to know me and helped me figure out what path I wanted to take and how to overcome any Barriers stopping me from doing so. They are very easy to talk to, always willing to listen and wanting to help and they make you feel as if you are their equals which I feel as a young person is important. Everybody at talent match only wishes the best for each other and you can always sense the genuine respect and friendship amongst everyone.

Collage Arts is a not for profit charity which has been committed to fostering and developing creative communities, through art, for the past three decades. Whether that’s at the artist studios the organisation manages in North London’s renowned Chocolate Factory, or through partnerships with cultural development organisations all over the world, Collage Arts mission is to connect and facilitate artists and arts-based learning wherever, and however possible. With events and exhibitions always taking place, designed to include all members of society, as well as pioneering involvement in a number of training schemes for young artists and entrepreneurs; every new venture is a step closer to achieving that mission.

Daniel Jeffreys

Daniel Jeffreys

Daniel Jeffreys has written short stories and poetry which have appeared in Ambit, The London Magazine, Esquire and an anthology called Tales of The Decongested. He reviews for The TLS and The Tablet with a special interest in the supernatural. The Observer described his short shory The Bamboo Forest as an ‘undiscovered gem’. He says, ‘In the late 80s I tried singlehandedly to kick start the acid folk revival supporting Tanita Tikaram. Today I work as librarian. I have introduced electric guitars during baby rhymetime for hour-long improvisations around The Wheels on the Bus and Shakin’ All Over.’ You can follow his hilarious library blog, Conan The Librarian, online:

“Scholarly, droll, subversive, Daniel Jeffreys is a natural dystopian, with a taste for the grotesque.”

Geoff Nicholson


Many thanks to Tony Mahama, our ace Sound Engineer, at Family Recordings, Chocolate Factory studios, N22.


Naomi Foyle

Naomi Foyle was born in London, England, and grew up in Hong Kong, Liverpool and Saskatchewan, and now lives in Brighton. Naomi is the author of several poetry collections, The Night Pavilion, a 2008 Poetry Society Recommendation, and The World Cup (2010) both from Waterloopress. Her poetry readings include appearances at The Cuisle Festival in Limerick, and Tacheles Art House in Berlin. Librettist of the award-winning bouffon opera Hush (Theatre Passe Muraille,Toronto 1990), she is also the author of a short verse drama, The Strange Wife, produced by the Bush Theatre in 2011. Naomi’s first novel, Seoul Survivors, a cyber-thriller set in South Korea, was published by Jo Fletcher Books last year. Naomi holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Bangor University. Her topic, Venus Victrix: The Warrior Woman in Narrative Verse, propelled her into activism, and she now campaigns for a just peace in the Middle East.

“Naomi Foyle’s voice is confident, fervent, erotic, lyrical, distinctive. Her writing is bold and unflinching, imaginative… thrilling and disconcertingly edgy…” PBS Bulletin


Many thanks to Tony Mahama, our ace Sound Engineer, at Family Recordings, Chocolate Factory studios, N22.


Richard Dyer

Richard Dyer is a widely published art critic, reviewer, poet, fiction writer and practising artist. His poetry and fiction have been published in Contemporary, Ambit, Moving Worlds, Le Gun, Victoria, / seconds and Junger Welt among others. His first poetry collection, A Western Journey, was published by Arlen House, in October 2006. In 2008 he published a second collection, Bog Landscapes, released as a DVD. In October 2010 he read with John Cooper Clarke in Galway. He is an editor at Third Text, Art Editor of Wasafiri and a Corresponding Editor for Ambit literary magazine.

“Richard’s poetry is sturdy, strong, and the sounds of words are pushed beyond the literal to a music out of jagged meaning. While one effect is that of melancholy, there is redemption too.”
Michael D Higgins


Many thanks to Tony Mahama, our ace Sound Engineer, at Family Recordings, Chocolate Factory studios, N22.


Tania Hershman

Tania Hershman is the award-winning author of two story collections: My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions (Tangent Books, 2012), a collection of 56 very short fictions, and The White Road and Other Stories (Salt, 2008; commended, 2009 Orange Award for New Writers). Her stories have been widely published in literary journals and have appeared on BBC Radio 3 and 4. She is writer-in-residence in Bristol University’s Science Faculty and editor of The Short Review, the online journal spotlighting short story collections and their authors. Tania teaches regularly for the Arvon Foundation and gives workshops on short stories, flash fiction and science-inspired fiction.

“Tania Hershman writes with such passion and playfulness, the pain and the fear and the hope woven through her stories hits all the harder. The result is beautiful, funny and quietly devastating.”
Nicola Walker